Hey there, I’m Moreblessing Maturure. An activist Actor/Writer/Model/ TEDx Speaker and slashie-enthusiast*


Born in Zimbabwe and moving to Australia at the age of 8, I’d always had an inkling that 20 years in the future, I wouldn’t find myself in an office working a 9-to-5. That evidently led me down a myriad of divergent paths from visual arts to stand-up comedy even sports and photography. These varying interests will probably follow me throughout my career encouraging me to take on plenty of “side gigs”, as most artists do, in the hope that one of them will pay my rent. Growing up in a majority-white country did expose me to experiences I may not have had back home, for better or worse; and these experiences greatly shape the work I create and invest my time and money into. I aim to further expand my practice while creating greater opportunities for other Artists of Colour.


There are so many stories out there which are yet to be told, generations of stories and storytellers who’ve been deprived of their voice. Because I want- no- need change, and the best marker of change is culture, and who creates culture? Our artists, our storytellers, our makers. So why not create, and inspire the best version of the world into being?



Most days you’ll find this nap-deprived artist having her 2nd coffee at a cafe with free wifi, using university databases to understand why the world is the way it is.


* I'm also the Creative Director of FOLK Magazine— an online and print platform dedicated to showcasing Australian Artists of Colour and their work—but it would have taken up too much space y'know?


Much love,