Huffpost: Love Island Australia's Cynthia Taylu Can't Be Herself, Here's Why

A salon owner and an actress tell HuffPost why natural hair is so important to the identity of African-Australian women.

ABC Life: Nollywood is huge — and there's never been a better time to check it out

“While Moreblessing is happy to see Nollywood content sitting alongside Western-made cinema, she says it's important to remember Nollywood isn't the only place making African cinema”

sbs news: artists and their mums

Moreblessing Maturure and her family moved to Australia from Zimbabwe more than a decade ago.

She dropped out of a psychology degree to pursue an acting career. The 22-year-old also writes and directs theatre productions. She too has felt certain pressures in pursuing a career in the arts.

well made clothes: Three Of Our Fierce Advocates Discuss What 'Valuable' Means To Them

We are shaped by what we value and our values shape the world. At their very best, values have the potential to bring communities together, start important dialogues and, as Izzy Stevens notes below, bring meaning to our lives. This is why we believe in clothing that has values, and one of those values is gender equality. For International Women's Day were are celebrating this value with a collection that looks good on women and is good for women.

elle australia: How The Voices Behind The 2018 Women’s March Are Powering The Movement

With 2018’s Women's March just around the corner, we chatted to some of the women making it happen.

“The Hamilton: The Musical song—"History has it's eyes on you"—comes to mind. That in days to come when future generations look back for how we shaped their world; they won't be able to flip over or scroll past these moments. There was resistance. They did revolt.”


I’m most looking forward to meeting a wealth of Black artists.

Sydney-based actor, activist and playwright Moreblessing Maturure picks her must-sees for 2018.


audrey journal: the state of australian theatre

“At the start of last year, I decided to stop paying for White theatre,” says Sydney-based actor, writer, activist and model Moreblessing Maturure. My friends in the independent scene would make theatre that was all white, and I’d have to be like, I can’t come. I don’t exist in your version of the world. No one who isn’t white exists. 


This year, the Patrick White Fellow will also work with and mentor STC’s first participants in the Emerging Writers’ Group. The writers are Emme Hoy, Julian Larnach, Moreblessing Maturure and Disapol Savetsila.

sydney morning herald

For Moreblessing Maturure, Fallen offers a rare opportunity to work in a "colour-blind" environment.

"I'm originally from Zimbabwe, so for me to play in an Australian period piece is really exciting," Maturure says. 


Suzy’s 5 questions: fallen

What is one of the questions you hope this play asks or answers?
This is probably the thing I look forward to the most about this play- the foyer conversations before the play, during the intermission and in pubs, cars and trains after the curtain call. 




Moreblessing Maturure and Stephanie Somerville are on the imaginary red couch, discussing spiritual beliefs for the modern age, and the hot topic of diversity in theatre.

den of truth: New hair; who dis

On this episode of Den of Truth I sit down with Moreblessing and discuss her recent success with the Youtube series: Afro Sistahs, the troubles of breaking into the Australian film industry and much more!

FBI RADIO-don’t @ me: representation

This week Ayebatonye is joined by Dr Jehan Kanga, Moreblessing Maturure and Emele Ugavule to discuss what representation means and discuss their projects. 

FBi Radio: race matters

Race Matters is our newest segment, delving into current issues surrounding race, culture, and representation with co-host Tanya Ali. This week Ruby and Tanya were joined by actor, writer, and founder/Artistic Director of Folk Magazine, Moreblessing Maturure, to talk about championing artists of colour.

netflix and grill 2.jpg

netflix and grill: black panther

In Part One of our "Black Panther Mega Pod" I had the pleasure of interviewing actress, writer and creative director of Folk Magazine Moreblessing Maturure about her experience of watching Black Panther. We discuss watching the film in a curated cinema filled with Sydney's African community, how Black Panther has influenced her own writing, her 10 year old brother's take on Killmonger, what Black Panther does for diversity in film and examining the importance of staying political in 2018.


A recent study has shown that participating in creative pursuits can have a positive impact on your mental health. To that end, there is an event in Sydney called Visibility Matters, which explores that very topic. To tell us about it, Matt is joined by three of the organiser, Sasha Jurac, founder of The Quo, Caitie Gutierrez, founder of the Bumblefly Effect and Moreblessing Maturure, the creative director of The FOLK magazine.