Public Speaking

Moreblessing is a TEDx Speaker who has contributed and moderated panels, delivered key-note addresses and speeches across a range of areas predominantly speaking from her expertise and experiences around race & Whiteness, feminism, mental health, the arts— and her favourite area is when all these juicy topics intersect.


TEDx Youth SYdney- fROM tHE frinGe to the cusp: imagining a browner theatre

Sharing on the power of theatre and storytelling, Moreblessing challenges those working within media and those who engage with it alike, to critically examine the dominant narratives being told and where we can create space for the stories yet unseen.

Generation women- the art of risk taking

Generation Women is a unique storytelling evening that brings together women, from a plethora of backgrounds, professions and ages. It celebrates and amplifies women’s voices and creativity. Each month, six women of note read an original piece on a theme. Of those women, one is in her 20s, her 30s, her 40s, her 50s, her 60s, and her 70s+. Our diverse line-ups will make you laugh and cry.


artists and their mums

In this second event of a 3-part series presented with City of Sydney Late Night Library, join an intimate and entertaining conversation between theatre-maker and actor, Moreblessing and her mother Sibusisiwe Maturure, recounting her pursuit of a creative career.


playwriting australia| nATIONAL Play Festival: On whiteness

They say that Australia is the most successful multicultural nation on the planet. In a country where a third of us are non-Anglo Celtic, it’s understandable (and necessary) that many of our debates about Australian theatre focus on diversity. But why don’t we ever talk about whiteness? Why does pointing it out make us so uncomfortable? Are anxieties about the whiteness of our stages actually a problem, or just PC nonsense? This panel examines what we mean when we talk about whiteness and what we can – and should – do about it.


DTC TALKS- Maggie Stone

Leading the discussion is our Cultural Consultant and Assistant Producer Moreblessing Maturure who will be joined by Anna Dimo, a leader of the South Sudanese Community in Sydney and President of the SSEG - an organisation that provides increased educational access and opportunities for girls in Southern Sudan. 

We will also be joined by Margie Agoth, an African-Australian journalist and writer who hopes to help unprivileged young girls gain the education and equal treatment they deserve and end discrimination in the Australian media.


womens march sydney 2018

On our 1 year anniversary, January 21st 2018, Women's March Sydney invited everyone who believes in equality, safety, and respect to join us in creating a human chain of individuals linking hands through communities all across Australia. Our human chain will be a show of strength and solidarity. Our chain will stand as a statement that we are tired of being demeaned, bullied, and violated. Our chain will say no to the ongoing harassment and violence. Our chain will show that together we are unbroken.


the woman speaks

The Woman is Aanisa's second play and it is a story about her mother. Both liars, both friends and polite feminists migrating to other countries to live the life they imagined for themselves. The woman takes you on a racy red ride into the freedom women seek in their lives.
With free rose tea and baklava, come and join us for a safe and open discussion to support female artists living in Western Sydney.


visibility matters: mental health and the creative arts represent

Frustrated with the lack of cultural and gender diverse representation in creative and mental health communities in Australia? Interested to learn how creativity can help further reduce the stigma around mental health? Join us for a night of exploration, deep-thinking and creativity including an exhibition with art stalls followed by a panel discussion featuring special guest Candy Royalle. The QUO, The Bumblefly Effect, FOLK Magazine and Create or Die have joined forces in the hopes of bringing about an intersectional feminist revolution. Full panel and other special guests to be announced.



PANELS: MCA Zine Fair Symposium: On Community | The Girl / The Woman (Belvoir St Theatre)

EMCEE: Miss Sahara Pageant 2018 | One The Bear (Sydney Opera House) 2019

PRESENTER: Alfie & Friends (2019)